Thursday, March 25, 2010

Join Me And Together We Can Save Animals!!

In 2009, in the state of Washington, there were 19 cases of animal cruelty.
6 of the 19 cases were neglect and abandonment.
3 of the 19 cases were shooting, another 3 of 19 were stabbing.
2 of 19 cases were fighting, and another 2 of 19 were vehicular.
1 of 19 were beating, another 1 of 19 couldn't be classified, and another 1 of 19 involved hoarding.
These were 19 REPORTED cases... what about the other hundreds that weren't?

This is something that happens everyday... To innocent animals, who cannot fight back. So, who is their savior? Who will save them? Join me and save the animals! Together, maybe we can reduce the amount of cases of animal cruelty in the world.

 First of all, we should BAN uthanizationing- where they put animals to sleep because no one will adopt them. There are so many animals out there, loving and beautiful. It breaks my heart and brings tears to my eyes to see these sweet inoccent animals be put to sleep, abused, and unwanted.

What kind of sick person, could look into the eyes of a creature like these animals and abandon them?
I saw a show today on the television... This little kitten was trying to get attention from it's owner... She picked the kitten up and tossed it down. The kitten, repeated to jump up on the table... spilt the ladies coffee. The lady picked her up and threw her out the door....the kitten cold and hungry meowed. The lady grabbed the kitten, stuffed it in a box, and drove away only to abandon it in the woods...I want to reach into the TV and strangle the b*tch. People disgust me. Have they no hearts? A poor innocent animal, just wanting love and attention...only to be thrown out into the cold. I couldn't watch this video. I have had 20 animals at one time, on a farm if you would call it that. I had to walk out of the room, and I broke down... thinking to myself, "This must be stopped"

How would you like it if we beat you up for wanting love? How would you like it if we did away with you because you were annoying? You wouldn't like it very much. Would you?
So why do they do it to animals?

^ This innocent kitten, soon to die from illness, abuse, and the dangers of city life... How can anyone walk away from this issue? I'll tell you how, THEY HAVE NO HEART.

As you can see, we are the only voices these animals have.
So please, join me together and we can and will make a difference!

Ah, Rock Bottom. We meet again.

 I am a pretty optimistic person, but lately... I feel as if I am hitting rock bottom once again. In one of my older posts, "It's Nights Like These I Truely Dispise" I explain a night of hell...but I'm laying here wondering, does the light ever shine through? I have yet to find out. So, if you wondering. Here's what is bothering me....
  • School is completely draining me. CBA (Classroom Based Assessment), WASL (though they have changed the name of this), grades, graduation requirements.

  • Grandmas surgery, seeing my grandma laying in the hospital bed...I can't imagine losing her. But thanks to the prayers of my friends, (thank you Kayla) she was release today and is doing well. It really scares you to death. Seeing the ones you love in that condition. It's a slap in the face that nothing lasts forever, and people can be taken away from us at any minute. Also made me think, "that could be me". With Crohn's disease, I could be hospitalized if I became terribly ill, or I could need surgery some day. It scares you. Life is fragile...
It's been a rough start of 2010, but I hope things will get better. I really do... because at this point, everything is going downhill.. & I don't see it coming back up anytime soon.
I guess I should keep my head up and be optimistic.
Please comment if you'd like.
Thank you for reading this, and God Bless.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

You Never Realize How Much Questions Impact Our Communications..

So, for the past few days in class my friends and I have been playing a game. It's where we can't ask ANY questions, such as...
  • What time is it?
  • How are you doing?
  • What did you say?
  • What?
Or any question for that matter.
If we do a tally mark is added to the chart...

This annoyingly fun game sure does teach you how important questions are in our everyday life.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Another survey (:

Something of sentimental value to you:I can think of a lot of things.
Someone you know who is nearly perfect:My boyfriend, I swear he is the closest thing.
A situation that embarrassed you:Ohhhh gosh, lmao.
A situation that made you laugh:What doesn't make me laugh?
A time when you feared for your life:When I was really sick, a few years ago.
Something that you hate:School.
Something that you love to do on the weekends:Spending time with the boyfriend :)
A place you go when you want to get away:I go for a walk, wherever really.
What you do when you are angry:Listen to music.
What you look like when you first wake up:Check my phone.
How you tend to treat other people in general:Treat people how you want to be treated, is what I live by.
How you feel about abortion:I feel it should be the womans choice. For rape & illness situations, it should be available. But, for the girls who just go out there and decide to get pregnant. NO. It's a human life. Illness, both mother and baby could be in danger. But, there is a difference in that and STUPIDITY.
How you feel about homosexuality:Love hath no boundaries.
Your belief system:I belive in god, that's it.
Some of your morals:I don't know dood, my life my choice. Ya dig?
Something you would never do, but you're still curious about it:Nothing really.
Something of which you are afraid:Failure.
A bad break up you went through:Hmmmmmmmmm.
Something that greatly impacted you:Life.
Your connection with your mom and dad:Very much so
Your best friend:I have many.
The type of music that you listen to:Rock & Country.
What someone might find if they snooped on your computer:Myspace. Formspring. Blogger.
What your first day of school this year was like:Eh, same old same old.
A fieldtrip you remember from elementary school:Museum.
Something you like to eat:Food.
A book you loved:The ones my mom & dad read to me when I was young.
A musician that you like:I like many.
What you want out of life:Success. Love. Fame.

Survey to pass boring school time.

Hey(: What's your name?Faye (:
Coo babycakesXD What're you doing?Sitting in the school library wasting  not so precious time! XD
Alright, ready to get personal?Sure, why not ;)
Are you single or taken?Taken bby & madly n love <3333333
Straight, bi, lesbian, gay?Who cares what I am ;)
Significant other? (Boyfriend, girlfriend)Thee boy is Jeremy <33333
What grade are you in?Junior, class of 2011
If you could go back in time and change ONE thing, what would you change?Uh, bleaching my hair so much to the point where it completely fried my hair. Bahaha.
Who was your first love?Jeremy <3333
If not with them, do you still love them?I am with them, and engaged to them.
Who do you like?I love him <3333
Wha are your plans for the weekend?Tolo :)
Who is your absolute bestest friend in the WHOLE world?I can't say that I have ONE.
How do you imagine yourself & your life in 30 years?Hopefully successful
If you could be with anyone ever, who would you be with?Jeremy, forever and ever.
What would be your dream job?Tattoo Artist.
What is your favorite food?I will eat just about whatever.
Do you want to get married, have kids? etc..Yessum.
How many siblings do you have?Three.
What are their names?Jeremy. Kelly. Jay.
What school do you go to?East Valley High School.
What is your favorite class?I don't so much have one anymore.
Do you play any sports?Not anymore
Do you know anyone who'se pregnant?Tons of people, lmao.
Do you know anyone who smokes weed?Nearly everyone.
Do you smoke?Gross, no.
What is your favorite color?Pink <333
Isn't it annoying when people randomly touch you in your face?Yeah, it is!
Who is one person you neverrrr get annoyed with?I don't think there is one.
Do you wear make up?I do.
If yes, what kind of foundation?I don't know?
Bronzer? (Just trying to get some ideas:P)Nope.
Is this getting boring?Nope, but I hate school.
If yes, what would you rather be doing?I'd rather be at home, or something.
Where is your favorite vacation spot?Oregon.
Are you supposed to be doing anything else?Nope, hahaha.
What time do you usually go to bed?After midnight.
Do you like your mother or father more?I love them both equally.
Are your parents still together?Yessum.
If so, how long have they been married?22yrs.
Do you want many short relationships or a few short ones?I want one committed relationship.
Would you rather be the dumper or the dumpee?Neither.
Have you ever been dumped?Yeah.
How many boyfriends have you had before?I don't know, I've only had ONE serious relationship, so <3333
How many people have you kissed?I don't know, lol

Kiss & Tell, yeah baby it's survey time!

I've Kissed Somone:

[X] on the cheek.
[X] on the lips.
[X] on their hands or fingers.
[X] in my room.
[X] in their room.
[X] of the opposite sex.
[X] of the same sex
[X] a little younger than me.
[X] a little older than me.
[X] with black hair.
[X] with curly hair.
[X] blonde hair
[X] brown hair
[X] blonde hair and blue eyes.
[ ] with red hair
[X] with straight hair.
[] shorter than me.
[X] with a lip ring.
[X] who i truly love/loved.
[ ] who was drunk.
[ ] who was high.
[X] in the morning.
[X] right after waking up
[X] just before bed.
[X] late at night.
[ ] who I had just met.
[ ] who I really didn't want to kiss.
[ ] while i was going out with some else.
[X] on a bed.
[ ] in a graveyard.
[X] at school.
[X] against a wall.
[X] at a show.
[X] at the beach.
[X] in a pool.
[X] who was/is a good friend.
[X] in the rain.
[ ] with an std.
[X] in the shower/tub
[X] in a car/taxi/bus.
[X] on a plane.
[X] in the movies.
[X] in a bathroom.
[X] in the dark.
[ ] on a roof top.
[X] under water.
[ ] while driving
[ ] a stranger
[ ] more than one person at once.
[X] and cried.
[X] goodbye forever.
[ ] when i was drunk.
[ ] who didn't speak english
[ ] with an accent.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It's Nights Like These I Truely Dispise

So, I've had a pretty shitty day today, even though it's 12:07 a.m making it Wednesday. I woke up Tuesday (today/yesterday) with a horrible pain in my stomach, of course. I know what it is from. It's from my illness, I am going through a flare up. It was rather bad, I didn't even have the strength to stay at school, so I left right at the start of third period. I've suffered a splitting headache all day, and it was really starting to worry me. Not to mention, my stomach is really screwing me up with it's pain. My breathing is off, and I am just overall weak, and I haven't even eaten. I can't, I look at food and it makes me disgusted. I hate feeling this way. Not to mention, I have a slight fever of 99.4, it's pretty normal for most, but in flare-ups I really have to monitor my temperatures, anything higher than a 101 means hospital for me. So, here I am at 12:13 am, feeling completely hopeless and alone. I have one misunderstanding in a conversation and it ends in a big fight and me in tears and a conflict unresolved. I tried to eat today, to keep myself as healthy as possible... But, the few bites I could get in made me sick just thinking of food, so it all got given to my German Shep-boxer and my blacklab, the little Yorkies couldn't handle a lot of food. I hate not being able to eat when I am sick. The last time this happened I lost 20lbs within 4 days, I couldn't eat, even to save my life. That was my downfall... &, now everything feels like it's going downhill from here... But, I guess like they say... "It can only go up from here" I sure hope so.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Haven't Written In A While.

Hello there :)
I haven't been on here in a while, so I thought I would throw some updates. My high school had a school dance this month, it was really fun! Tolo is March 20, and Prom is May 1st. I love dances!
The girls basketball team is going to State, which is pretty cool minus the fact that I have to play at their games because I am in band, lol. So, my boyfriend and I were online the other day, and we saw this guy who can sing amazingly! We both agreed we'd marry his vocal cords. I would recommend you check this man out!!

^ He  is amazing and he made my day! I hope you will listen to him! Spread him around! I want to get this guy noticed!